Poker Rules for Beginners

Poker Rules for Beginners

Poker the game of cards, in which each players hands are ranked by the cards they get. Poker is a game that can be played individually or in groups of multiple players. Each poker game varies in its terms as having different number of cards being dealt, the rankings used, the number of cards that need to be hidden or shown, how many betting rounds would be there and what procedure will the betting rounds go through.

There are various types of poker games being played around the world, each having their own set of rules and betting procedures. Some of the played games are:

  • Texas Holdem
  • Omaha Hi
  • Omaha Hi Lo
  • Razz
  • Stud Hi
  • Stud Hi lo
  • 5 Card Stud
  • Draw Poker
  • Mixed Games

The game of poker follows two forced bets that are either Big Blind or Small Blind; they are mainly the part of Omaha and Holdem games. This type of forced bets mainly consists of a starting pot which is given in any hand of poker and the first player has to win the hand. The size of the pot is further increased with the preceding actions of the rounds of betting.

In every game of poker when the initial cards are dealt after this player are called upon in turns to act, this moving normally takes place in clockwise direction around the table. Then the players are required to show their hands in their turn not all at the same time. According the rules of the game the pot can be divided between the players in different ways and multiple players are allowed to have a single pot for the game. Player’s hand ranks against their opponent are also decided in such way.

The betting limits in poker game are the quantity of open and raise bets allowed to each player to make. Generally 4 types of limits are given to the poker players:

  • No limit

In this type of limit game, the players are allowed to make or raise bet as many times as they want unless their stack gets full in any betting round.

  • Pot limit

In this type of limit structure the players can make or raise the bet in amounts that are up to or equal to the size of pot at that time.

  • Fixed limit

In this type of betting limit structure, a fixed amount has been allocated to each player for which they can call or raise. This type of betting procedure is decided before the start of the game.

  • Spread limit

In this type of betting structure a specified range of bets is given to the player in which he is allowed to call or raise the bet.

The hand ranking in poker games always involves five cards, even if the in seven card stud has seven cards he will be allowed to choose and use the best five out of those cards.

Crisicism of Poker for Younger Generation

poker kids

This article is about the criticism of poker game on the kids/young generation. As can be seen on the recent cover of Newsweek magazine, it’s a child who is holding an electronic device in hand which has poker cards displayed on its screen, it clearly depicts that the issue is relating to the online poker games. The expressions which the child is giving despite of having royal flush in his hand, they are plain, this gives an arouse to criticizing statements relating to the trend being increased for online poker and its effects on the young generation.

According to some recent researches it has been found that apart from adults indulged in this activity, the children ages around 15-22 are victims of this game as they become depressed and more aggressive regarding their play, which makes them vulnerable to illegal activities. According to legal authorities this can be a harassing effect for the society on the whole. In United States of America this issues has become the most argued topic and the concern arises that parents should take steps to minimize the use of online poker games among their children.

Apart from just parents several questions have been raised that departments of justice should also take steps to consider the web gambling being legalized in their respective borders, it should be either completely banned or the proportion of this online game play should be framed.

In United States of America the states that have legalized and regulated the use of online poker games includes Delaware and New jersey, others are keen at taking steps to prevent this issue from further exploiting the norms of the society. According to some analysts, it is very difficult to restrict online gambling and the internet has become so vast, it gives a million of ways to access a single thing. It cannot be stopped but can be restricted to maximum, the online poker sites should apply a check over the identity and age of the poker players being registered on the website, and it will help restrain the underage gambling to some extent. Though with this it is also not possible to achieve a 100% result but it will help to a greater extent.

Now let us look at the reviews and statements of an analyst who explored the cases of some children being offended by this online poker game.

According to Derevensky, children who are once hooked by this game may take years to recover; some kids even have committed suicide after being exploited by the high risks of this game. Kids addicted to poker use their parent’s credit cards or anything they can find and use it to play poker. He said it’s not the fault of children alone; these unfortunate lads have been made addicted to video games and online shows by their parents which is damaging their mindsets indirectly. The children who suffers from poker dilemma, they are not the alone sufferers, it’s the whole family that has to go through this. The legal age of poker should be made 21.

Types of players in poker

poker players

Poker player cannot be defined into a single sentence, it’s not because it’s hard to find the right characteristics but it is also very difficult to gather the varying characteristics of the poker player. It’s very hard to categorize or define a poker player in a single spectrum because they don’t stay in a single action for very long time. Poker is a sport that involves a continuous evolution, so this article is a small effort done to summarize the characteristics a poker villain can possess.

  • The ABC players

With an increasing trend of poker this type of players is immensely emerging in the poke world. This type of poker players comprises of the people who have learned the art of this play through books, magazines, television and had applied the techniques to the game. They develop the understanding for poker strategy and try to play hands of immediate value and they also practice to gain the knowledge of positions. Most importantly they develop this stance over time to play poker with confidence and it is the game of having quality hands.

  • The TAG

The players in this category are called the tight aggressive ones. They mainly recollect various concepts of the poker game such as three betting, equity collections and poker odds. As the name justifies these players can be triggered through their aggressiveness, They don’t follow the old rules of limping in pots, passive calls and slow playing, the only weapon they consider to be a major source thing for the game is betting. They do not feel observed or scared while calling or raising bets because they can clearly observe the frequency of the holding of their opponents. The TAG player mostly uses bluffing as a technique to play on but not all the time, their far sightedness and there keen observation makes them aware of their surroundings because of which they get successful in generating pressure over their opponents.

  • The Fish

This type of player is said to have the most adequate knowledge of the game of poker. What makes them unique is their ability to d=save the best for the last. Although their questionable behavior makes it very easy to recognize this type of players, and they are also considered to be the best players you can have on your poker table. In the poker world this fact cannot be denied that the fish playing strategy can make any experienced player to make money profitably. This type of player can sometimes act aggressively or may become too passive, they have a multitude of bad traits associated with them, to be an effective player against them, a player should first learn about their turning attributes. The fish category players love to make betting regardless of the fact whether they don’t possess anything, which makes the opponent think over to analyze the value of the hand they possess. Instincts have to applied a lot while playing with a fish, because the opponent is a complete maniac.

Poker a Game of Intimidation and Respect

poker face

While playing the game of poker you need to study the cards you have, in poker it’s very important to analyze the style of your opponents and then figure out the odds. It’s not necessary for you being the best player on the table each time, there can be several other players who are better than you and who can outplay you, or even with strategic planning you can be successful in outplaying them.

The one thing that should be expected out of a poker game is that the cards in the game have to breakeven in the long run for each player, that’s a theoretical concept to be remembered. The mere goal of a player should be to make a net profit out of average cards, which can be an interesting challenge. Three things should be kept be there which a players needs to follow if to be successful.

  • Save bet with the losing hand
  • Use your winning hand to win extra bets
  • Try to win occasional pot with the cards not worthy of it.

The first point is about, to be a good poker player at basic level, the early you realize that now you are going to beaten by the opponent and you get out of it, the more you get chances of making your chip stack better. The example can illustrate it, like if you get a pocket kings in Holdem and an ace draws up on the flop, as a result of vigorous betting.

The 2nd and 3rd challenges are said to be more challenging and illustrates to turn your poker strategy into be more psychological one. Before the start of play you should be able to evaluate yourself among the lineup of players with an objective concern, it will help you get a knowhow of from where you can get chances of winning money and where you can lose it.

But if you get to play with a player whom you respect or admire, they are naturally found to be better players. So if you want to compete with them strategically, you will need a good hand because the other player will play a better hand as compare to yours. He will certainly analyze the play and the type of hand you have. In such matter you cannot afford to get conjured with him, otherwise he will be able to see through your play. In cases if both of you get the same hands against each other, he would take your money, well this has been signified as a dilemma in the world of poker.

The answer to this dilemma is you should keep the respect entity separate as you should not go up against him except for the cards you have, the only motto should be to make money against this person. Respect is something different. Honestly playing with superior players us the thing, you should start out in front to get an edge from them.

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